Viva La Mexico!

Mexico City (CDMX) is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The energy, food, people and history in this city is remarkable. After just 5 days in this CDMX I fell in love and this city has become an easy favorite of mine. The food in CDMX is economical and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. The spices and flavoring of the tacos, tortas, stews and everything else is firing on all cylinders. I can’t wait till you try all the places I went to below and find your own spots to write home about. I dream of the days where I am back in in the neighborhood of Roma sipping a michelada and eating plates of tacos. Viva La Mexico!

1. Taqueria Orinoco- These tacos were some of the best I had in the city. Try to get one of each taco on the menu because they will change the way you look at tacos forever. The delicious sauces you see on the dish come with your order so make sure you experiment with them!


2. Mercado Roma- This market is fun to roam and more modern than other markets you will visit (a bit bougie) but skip the other stalls in the market and head to the pozole because it’s all sorts of delicious. This warm soup is spicy, salty and the stewed beef will make your stomach sing.


3. Churreria El Moro- Even though I went to their outpost and not the original location these churros were just as delicious. Warm and so crisp! This is as close to heaven on Earth as it gets. Try to go to the original location in the morning because I’ve heard the entire neighborhood smells of these amazing churros during that time!


4. I had these tacos at 4am after a cocktail bar crawl and I am blanking on the name of this place but pretty much all the tacos in CDMX are excellent so don’t worry just eat!


5. La Esquina Del Chilaquil- No matter what you do in the city you must wait in line for the tortas at this cart because these are the best damn tortas in the world. There are chilaquiles stuffed in the torta!!! What a concoction.


6. Molino El Pujol- If you are like me and were unable to get Pujol reservations then come here to the tortillas that are served at Pujol. There is a limited snacks menu so it’s a good taste of what could have been.

7. Mercado de San Juan- Buy delicious fruits here! We bought some amazing mangos and passionfruit.


8. Contramar- You can’t go to CDMX and not go to Contramar. It is one of the best seafood meals I have ever had. The tuna tostadas, octopus (not pictured) and the famous fish with red chile and parsley is all bits of incredible. You will dream of Contramar when you leave the city because it is so much more than just a restaurant.

9. Panaderia Rosetta- The chocolate conch is superb. So are the rest of their pastries. Come here to grab breakfast or for a mid afternoon pick me up.


10. La Merced Market- One of my favorite experiences in CDMX was the Eat Mexico Tour of La Merced. This market is one of the largest markets in the city. It is huge, overwhelming but has incredible street food within. This place will give you incomparable insight into CDMX and you should absolutely go but with a guide. Our guide was fabulous and we tasted three times what I took pictures of because I too was so caught up in the moment. GO GO GO!

11. The Frida Kahlo Museum is a must if you love her art. This house holds her history and you will love it if you appreciate her story and work. Make sure to book tickets in advance (there will still be a line but it will be shorter than not having booked in advance).


12. Los Danzantes- The Frida Kahlo Museum is in the neighborhood of Coyoacan which is an adorable town. Spend the afternoon after the museum taking in the colorful and quaint neighborhood. We had lovely brunch at Los Danzantes which is located across the main town square.

13. Churreria de Coyoacan- So these churros were my favorite in the city. Even more than El Moro so this requires a stop on your list, right? It is also in Coyoacan so this can either be a quick breakfast before the Kahlo museum or a sweet snack after brunch.


14. Carmela y Sal- This was the most perfect dinner to end our last night in Mexico City. It is a take on modern Mexican food executed so well. I highly recommend ordering esquite by way of risotto, ceviche, short rib with chirmol and ax callus and squid ink. The space is also gorgeous. Why can’t a restaurant of this caliber exist in NYC?!

15. Pasillo de Humo- For our last brunch in CDMX we had a Oaxacan brunch. The egg and chicken empanadas were so good (and huge) and my egg and tomato stew was just what I wanted since I was craving something comforting.