Smoked Salmon Spotlight: Brunch at Forager's Table

It's difficult to claim what the best brunch spot is in NYC since this is the city that put brunch on the map. Therefore this is more an appreciation post for quality brunch with locally sourced ingredients.

Forager's Table is doing it right. At the front of the store is their own grocery shop and in the back is their restaurant. The sunlight cascades through the large window panels and alas you can capture your food pictures in all its glory (selfies too). 

I ordered a smoked salmon tartine ($18) which is a bit on the pricier side. I forgot all about that price after I stuffed it in my mouth. 

The yolk had the perfect consistency and didn't drown my smoked salmon (hah). Thank god because the salmon was incredibly fresh.

There was a generous portion of smoked salmon as well. Don't underestimate how small the dish looks because when you pair good hearty foods together, you'll get a happy tummy.

Foragers Table offers a variety of brunch classics as well as their own specialities (like Foragers Chili with a poached farm egg on top. Yum!). I wish everyday was Saturday.