Instagramable Cafes

Coffee fuels me through the day especially when my day starts with an early staff meeting. Although it is almost too easy to get your coffee and run sometimes, it is worth it to stick around in the coffee shop and take a breath. I've been trying to take more breaths recently and what I've noticed is how precious these coffee shops are. Precious enough to tempt to skip that meeting and read a book. Here are two favorite instagramable cafes.

1. Masion Kayser

Not only is it adorably Parisian but you can sample fresh baked sourdough bread, eat prosciutto sandwiches or pick up a cafe au lait.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

Hands down the best coffee in NYC. Get the New Orleans cold brew and never look back at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Although their coffee is pricey ($4 for the NOLA cold brew), treating yourself once a week to it will make you a happier person.