BTW you need to check out By the Way Bakery

Let's get this clear- I love gluten. I love my croissants, baguettes, cookies, brownies and if you know me then you know I worship pizza. So how come a carbo loving girl is in love with a gluten free and dairy free bakery? It's because I don't miss gluten when I'm eating any of By the Way Bakery's creations. Guilty pleasures like tea cakes, chocolate chip cookies and rugelach feel a lot less guilty and a lot more delicious when you know that the ingredients you're putting into your body are well sourced. By the Way recently launched their own line of gluten free bread featuring dinner rolls, demi ficelles (sea salt, rosemary and seeded breakfast sticks), mini baguettes and my personal favorite, boules (a rustic French loaf). In order to celebrate their launch of these delicious breads and my personal milestone of hitting 1,000+ followers on Instagram, we've partnered for a giveaway for a $25 gift card to BTW Bakery which you can enter here. Meanwhile take a look at these kosher, gluten-free and dairy free breads that has everyone buzzing!