The small plates at Atoboy will make you say Atoboy!

There is a fair amount of Korean tapas spots in NYC including Atoboy but this restaurant is doing something different on their menu. Although the dishes are on the finer side with minimalist design and subtle Korean influences, they still make a clear statement that this is the future of casual Asian fine dining. The spicy chicken dish with peanut butter sauce and braised leeks with walnuts will remind you of the Korean dishes you see on a menu in K-Town but at Atoboy the twists stem from various popular international flavors ranging from shredded cheddar, truffles, poblano peppers to even good old cheesecake. The menu allows you to choose any 3 dishes on the menu for only $36 which, is one of the best deals you'll score for dinner at a fine dining restaurant in the city.  

LEEK-  Doenjang, Cheddar, Walnut

LEEK- Doenjang, Cheddar, Walnut

TARTARE-  Beef, Stinging Nettle, Potato, Watercress

TARTARE- Beef, Stinging Nettle, Potato, Watercress

SUNCHOKE-  Oyster mushroom, Black truffle, Orange

SUNCHOKE- Oyster mushroom, Black truffle, Orange

ASPARAGUS-  Dried scallop, Gochugaru, Egg yolk

ASPARAGUS- Dried scallop, Gochugaru, Egg yolk

CHICKEN-  Spicy peanut butter, Garlic

CHICKEN- Spicy peanut butter, Garlic

NY STRIP-  Arugula, Poblano, Wild sesame oil

NY STRIP- Arugula, Poblano, Wild sesame oil




Sunchoke- Oyster mushroom, Black truffle, Orange- This dish is a perfect balance of starch. Sunchokes (small potatoes) even when paired simply with truffles and orange is absolutely delicious.

Chicken- Spicy peanut butter, Garlic- Fried lightly battered chicken and peanut sauce is a recipe for perfection. This is the high end chicken nugget dish your inner 10 year old has been waiting for.

Strawberry cheese mousse cake- Pistachio, Mint- This dessert is light, airy with just the right amount of acidity making it the ideal choice for the dish to end your meal.